Thursday, January 29, 2009

Winter Days, Sunglasses, and Potty Chair...

Snow and ice in OKC.

Chillin with my Asian baby.

I can do it myself now Mom.

What are you looking at mom & dad?

I love my Uggs too Sophie!

Just take the picture dad.

A cold winters day on Kimberlyn Rd.

Yaay, no school today!

Can I be a like the teenage boys and sag my pants too?
Sounds like a strange combination huh? Well we have been snowed, or better yet "iced" in for three days, and all of a sudden our little darling has taken an interest in two things, sunglasses and the potty chair (and sometimes both at the same time). School has been canceled the past three days due to icy roads. Yes you people from up North laugh, but Oklahoman's have no clue how to handle winter weather. If we get more than a few flakes, the whole state shuts down! However Emma has kept us quite entertained the past few days. She has developed quite a personality. Yesterday Emma and I ventured out so mom could get some school work done. She has become quite taken with Wal-Mart and repeats "Wuh Mar" whenever she thinks we might be heading that way. So anyway yesterday Emma and I spent some father-daughter time at both "Wuh Mar" and Quail Springs Mall. She loves the play area at the mall and has become quite brave when it comes to climbing on the giant butterfly, toadstool, and boat. Today we took her to Ms. Rhonda's Daycare and she seemed excited to be back at "school"!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Emma and Her Granny....

Emma with her Granny

After church pic.

I love my Granny!

With Great-Grandma Chapman

Emma with her Granny and Great-Grandma.

Helping Great-Grandma with her gift.
This weekend we traveled to Duncan to visit Cathy's Mom and Grandma. Abby came too and we had a good time visiting. Betty made a great lunch and went to visit Grandma Chapman. Saturday night Betty kept Emma and Cathy and I got a chance to go to the movies. Downtown Duncan has an old school movie theatre, not the megaplex mall theatres with zero charm, but the kind of movie house many of us grew up with. We saw "Twilight" which is a vampire/love story based on the book every teenage girl in America has read. Cathy had seen it already and surprisingly I enjoyed it. Sunday we went to church and believe it or not had a great lunch at the Duncan Hospital cafeteria. I know that sounds funny, but the cafeteria at the hospital is one of the best places to eat in town! The prices are ridiculously low and by noon on Sunday it is packed with the after church crowd. We left about 3pm and drove back to the city. There is supposedly an ice storm headed this way tomorrow. Our weather people usually overreact to winter weather so we'll see. There's not a cloud in the sky tonight. Anyway, Thank you Betty for having us! Emma loved spending time with her ga-ga and we look forward to coming back soon!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Trip To New England...

Sledding at the Dudley Golf Course.

I have this flying thing down!

First trip to McDonalds.

Building a make shift snow man with Sydney and Brady,

Sydney and Emma,

Bedtime stories.

Mmm, I like Jill's sugar cookies.

Tubing in the snow with Daddy.

Brady and Brian

Ooh Mommy, that was fun!

We didn't dress like this in Vietnam.

Sydney and Emma
A winter wonderland! That's how we would describe our MLK weekend trip to Massachusetts to visit our good friends Brian, Jill, Sydney, and Brady Hobson. This was Emma's first experience with snow, and there was plenty of it to see. It snowed 12 inches Sunday morning on top of what they already had and it made for some great sledding. Last week I had thrown out my back taking down Christmas decorations. I was walking around crooked and Cathy said my spine looked like an "S". Saturday Jill, who is a physical therapist, gave me some treatment and WOW, what a difference! By Sunday my back was almost back to normal! We had a great time just hanging out with the Hobsons. Emma really enjoyed playing with Sydney and Brady. We had some great Italian fare at a neighborhood Italian place in Worcester and Jill cooked of several wonderful dishes as well. We want to thank the Hobsons for having us and really appreciate their overwhelming hospitality. We also want to give Abby a big Thank You for taking care of our dogs while we were gone. Brian & Jill, we look forward to seeing you guys again this summer!
Here are some recent videos

Monday, January 19, 2009


Sorry friends and family. I have not been a good blogger lately. We wanted to share some pictures of our girls that were taken while Candice was here.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Family Pics

With Candice home for the holidays, we had our first opportunity to take some family pictures. We thought we'd share a few with you.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy 2009

Cathy and Bethany's cheerleaders won NCA Nationals in their division and Grand National Champion for having the highest overall score of 141 squads! They have won NCA Nationals four consecutive years and 5A State 2 of the past 3 years! Way to go Panther Cheer!

With our good friends Kevin and Robye Jackson's twin girls, Jenny and Jacey

Big brother pushing me in my baby's stroller.

I love Daddy's laptop!

I still love bath time!

Happy New Year to everyone! The Holidays went very well at our house and it was good to have all the kids together. We are kind of sad to see the Holiday season end. We spent alot of time with family and hope to see Cathy's mom and grandma soon. Emma is getting better with her words and is growing taller everyday. She learns so quickly and nothing gets past her. We went to Dallas for NCA Cheer Nationals and Cathy's girls were outstanding. Austin has gone back to Stillwater and his classes start next week. Candice is still here from Japan and Abby has started a new job, teaching at a business school. She is excited to begin her teaching career! Cathy and I went to see Marley & Me yesterday. It is a movie we can totally relate to since we have two labs. It was a very good movie, but kind of sad. Hope everyone is doing well!