Sunday, May 24, 2009

Summer Begins

Dad with all his kids at Doug & JoAnn's house.

All of my grandparents grandchildren together for the first time in 14 years.
FR: Tonya, Kristi, Kim, Julie BR: Steve, Mike, Rick, Thomas

Down the slide with Austin.

I love it Daddy!

It's nice when your big brother is the lifeguard.

She get's braver by the minute.

I am ready to go Mommy!

This week was a very emotional and busy time. Our Uncle, Doug Keller (Dad's only brother) passed away at 66 from cancer. Uncle Doug was a very good man and will be missed. I have so many fond and funny memories of him growing up. Going to OKC 89er baseball games (where we got caught up in a tornado once), raising and racing Racing Homer pigeons together, listening to him tell funny stories non-stop, and especially last year when he went to the OSU-Texas football game with me and my cousin Rick. It was wonderful to get to spend the entire day with him watching football. He was an original!
School is over, and Memorial Day weekend is the opening of pool season for our pool company. All of our 18 commercial pools opened on time yesterday. We even took Emma swimming at one of them, Willow Creek. It is a neighborhood where Cathy used to live and her kids grew up there. Austin is the pool manager there. Emma had so much fun that she threw a fit when we had to leave. On the way home she was crying and repeating "whem, whem" which is "swim" if you didn't figure that out. Summer is the only season we have not had her and it's going to be alot of fun. We may take her to the lake this week and get the boat out.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

She's All Official Now

With Judge Bill Graves.

Filing the paperwork at the Court Clerk's office.

Hanging with Dad in the front yard.

Emma loves to hide behind our neighbor's gas meter.

A Vietnam flashback, motor scooters!
Emma riding with our neighbor Blair.
Last week we went to court and re-finalized the adoption as well as legally changed her name. With a stroke of Judge Bill Grave's pen she legally became Emma Reese Keller. We went to the state health department to get her new birth certificate and applied for a new passport and Certificate of Citizenship.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day!

Mom & Emma with the flowers Emma picked out.
All the kids at daycare decorated pots for their
moms. A special Thank You to Rhonda!

Thank you Abby for fixing lunch for us!

Emma & Austin having drinks at her table.

One of many fun things about teaching
HS is we get to go to the prom every year!
(It keeps us young)
Today was a very special Mother's Day for Cathy. She got to spend it with 3 of her kids (Candice is in Japan, but called today) and it was her first with Emma Reese. Abby fixed us lunch at her house and we had a good time just hanging out! Thank you very much Abby! We'd also like to tell our Moms (Betty & Heidi) how much we appreciate you and you have always been great mothers! We love you! On another note, here are a few videos of Emma at play.