Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Las Vegas Blvd.

My skinny wife. Cathy has lost 25 lbs this
summer. I am so proud of her!

The Mirage Atrium.

Our friends we met from Wales. Ian, Jan, and Becky.

The Beatles Revolution Lounge.

Mom & Emma hanging out in the room.

You know the economy of Las Vegas is bad when a couple
of school teachers can afford a 1200 SF suite at the top of the Mirage!
The fountains of Bellagio.

The balloon Elmo.

A view of our hotel from the pool.

The Mirage pool.

Ooh, colder than I thought.

Heading to the pool.
I have not been a very good blogger lately. We have been working / moving / remodeling since June 30th. We finally closed on the sale of our house this week. In between all that we managed a trip to Las Vegas with Abby & Kelly, my sister's family and our mom. We had a great time in the desert and are looking forward to summer winding down and school starting. Abby got her first teaching job at Putnam City High School (our rival and sister school). We are so happy and proud of her! She is teaching Family and Consumer Science and we know she will be a GREAT teacher! Emma is growing and her language is incredible. Her vocabulary increases everyday. She loves the new house and her pink room. I will post pictures of the new house after we get everything settled. Still alot of boxes everywhere. Can't believe we are coming up on the one year anniversary with Emma. Where has the time gone? Until Next time......

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The 4th of July and a visit to Chi-Town!

Taking the subway to the airport.

Can't go to Chicago without getting an American Girl doll,
even if it's just a mini one.

Wrigley Field.

Waiting for the L-Train after the Cubs - Braves game.

Enjoying some baseball at Wrigley Field.

Taking a stroll down Michigan Ave.

Chicago River at the Michigan Ave. Bridge.

Waiting for our Chicago style pizza at Giordano's.

Hanging out on Granny's front porch.

Emma with her cousins Zoe and Judson.

Abby, Kelly, Emma, and Zoe at the 4th of July parade in Marlow.

The family at the annual 4th of July parade.

Cousins Zoe and Bailey riding the mini train in Duncan.