Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Snow Skiing

She is getting the hang of it.

Hamming it up!

Cathy and Abby taking a hot chocolate break.

Some good family time.

Learning how to ski at Chipmonk Corner.

Santa Fe has an awesome children's program.

Hanging out with Mom.

Taking a lesson with Ms. Marcy

Getting a tow from big Sister.

Getting off the conveyer with Mom.

Our house after the first blizzard.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

We Lost A Good One Today

Today was a sad day for our family. We lost our nine year old Yellow Lab Dawson to cancer. Dawson came into our lives in August 2002 when he was six months old. This was a full four years before Cathy and I got married. Abby had bought
him in the Wal Mart parking lot, and we got him shortly afterwards. He was wild in his early years chewing up everything in sight. He settled down eventually and became the best dog I have ever been around.
In 2003 he got a baby brother when I rescued a stray Lab mix with a broken leg, Biscuit. They became best buddies and were inseparable. When we brought Emma home in 2008 we were a little concerned how she would react to them and vice versa. The dogs and Emma took to each other without any problems. They looked after her and she looked after them.
Dawson had quite a personality and had no problems letting us know exactly what he wanted. He had knee surgery in September 2010 and made a good recovery. About a month ago he quit walking on his right hind leg. We took him in and the
doctor diagnosed him with an agressive type of cancer. His weight was down to 66 lbs (in 2007 he weighed 89 lbs). We spent the past week pampering him and spending some quality time together. He knew it was time and he seemed like he was ready. Today Cathy and Austin took him to Vet for the final time. We will all miss him as will Biscuit. Cathy described today as one of the hardest things she has
ever done.
Everyday for almost nine years he was a big part of our life. Dawson was such a good boy and was a member of our family. We will miss you dearly Big Boy. We love you!