Sunday, June 19, 2011

We Will Never Forget Her

This past week we unexpectedly lost a very dear friend and important person is our life. Emma's daycare provider, Rhonda passed away on Thursday. Cathy and I have known Rhonda for 14 years and Emma has spent nearly everyday with her the past two and a half years. Rhonda was like a second mother to Emma and a close friend to Cathy and I. She took such great care of "Sweet Girl" or "Emmers" as she called her. Our hearts are broken that we did not get to say goodbye, that Emma didn't get that last hug, that we will never again make that drive to her house, and especially that we will never see her again in this life. But, we are so grateful for the time we spent with her, that friendly smile she gave you, and the unconditional love she shared with all the children at Ms. Rhonda's Daycare. Please pray for hert family and all the children she took care of. We all miss you Rhonda and we will always make sure Emma knows how much you loved her and that you took such great care of her. May you rest peacefully in heaven. With much love, Thomas, Cathy, and your Emmers

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Spring becomes Summer.....

One day it was spring, and the next day it was summer! I swear only in Oklahoma does it go from a comfortable 75-80 degrees to 95 in one day, and stay that way

for the next four months! I really should move to Alaska in the summer as I can't stand heat! Okay, enough rant. School is out. I just completed my 22nd year, Cathy her 24th year. I have been working like crazy on our commercial pool business. Emma is enjoying the summer with swimming, playing at the neighborhood park, and hanging out with her frtiends at Ms. Rhonda's daycare. She can't wait to start Pre-K in August at James Dennis Elementary school. We are leaving for a trip to Germany on the 20th to visit my Uncle and Aunt. I am excited to be able to show Cathy and Emma my hometown of Augsburg. At least I'll get some cooler weather there!