Saturday, March 20, 2010

Maui 2010

Aloha! We had an awesome vacation this past week in Maui! Our spring break treks to the 50th state has become an annual family tradition. We spent alot of time just hanging out at the beach and pool, but also drove the beautiful road to Hana and Cathy, Austin, Abby and Kelly bicycled down Mt. Haleakala. We had great weather and Maui is such a beautiful island. We celebrated Emma's 3rd birthday while we were there. We look forward to visiting Maui or the Big Island next year!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Today Our Baby Is Three.....

Three Years Old Today!
Celebrating in Maui!
Celebrating the 2nd birthday
in Kauai. 2009

About one year old in Vietnam.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Winter is finished in Oklahoma and we're actually kind of sad to see it go. (Yes, we're oddball people who actually like winter over summer.) We have been doing very well. As you can see Emma is growing like crazy and we are treasuring every minute of it. She could stay little forever if we had any say in it. Her birthday is next week and we are planning a big family party March 2oth. Last night was the annual cheer banquet and Cathy said farewell to her role as the cheerleading co-sponsor at PC North HS. She and Bethany had a great run with five NCA National Championships including one Grand National Championship and three Oklahoma Class 6-A State Championships. Nothing like being able to get out while on top. I am proud of her for all her success but most importantly for being a great role model and mentor to these outstanding young ladies. Spring Break arrives this weekend and we are all headed to Maui for a week of warm weather and blue ocean, but not before a fun evening of "Sesame Street Live" on Thursday. Hope everyone is well. We'll blog again when we get back from Hawaii!