Monday, November 24, 2014

Twist & Shout...

Emma has been taking gymnastics since she was two and last year started going to Twist & Shout which is a gym for cheer and tumbling. She has been getting better all the time and worked with her Coach one on one this weekend. She says she would like to get on to a competitive cheer team next year, but we'll see. It's a big commitment for us and her.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Autumn in OKC....

OK, let me start out by saying I know the posts and updates are getting fewer and far between. That seems to be the nature of the adoption blog beast. In reality I don't think that many people even check this blog regularly anymore. With that said, I am not 100% sure how much longer I will keep it up. My goal has been to update monthly, but realistically it may be come a twice a year winter and summer update. We'll just have to see.

For now, we had a great trip to New York in October and the Belz family came to visit us as well. Emma is still doing cheer, tumbling, violin, and tennis each week. The 2nd grade has been going very well for her and things are rocking and rolling for Cathy and I in our own classrooms. We have attended OSU football games and the first OKC Thunder game last week. Emma has attended every home opener since the Thunder came to OKC in 2008 and she was 19 mos old. We had a great Halloween and look forward to the holidays. Overall a very good autumn season.

Tennis Class

Thunder opening game!

Emma & Bennett, Happy Halloween!

Halloween costume, 1970's guy.

2nd Grade School Picture

Sisters! Emma & Sophie!

OSU Homecoming

Outside the new world trade center.

Riding the subway to Coney Island

Brooklyn Bridge

Dillon's Candy Bar, NYC

My 2014-15 School Picture (seriously)