Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Maui 2013

 Napili Shores ( our home for one week a year)
 The rugged backside of Haleakala. A side of Maui
Most people never see. We rented a 4 WD jeep
and took the narrow road. Some of it was not even paved.
 Our girl, 6 years old.

 The Pokowai Sea Arch
 Tha Hanawi Falls

 Napili Beach from the Sea House Restaurant.
 Rainbow Eucalyptus Trees
 At Kaanapali Beach
 Leilani's On The Beach, One of our favs.
 The North Shore
 At Dukes, celebrating CK's Birthday
A Glorious Maui Sunset
 St. Joseph's Church on the backside of Haleakala


 Our annual Daddy-Daughter Beach Pic
 Black Sand Beach near Hana
 Emma and her friend Paul
 Captain Emma
 Going Home
The very cool Kaupo General Store